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The e-book that teaches you how to see ideas everywhere and make an impact everyday.

"I might be creative."


You are creative.
Of course you're creative.

You have big, wild, ambitious ideas.

You want to serve, lead, change the world.

Or, you simply want to paint a cantaloupe.

Either way, let's get real. You are creative.

"But I don't have enough ideas"

Actually, you can't not have ideas. The moment you wake up in the morning is the moment you start having ideas. Ideas about what to do, what to wear, who to talk to, what to eat, what to see, and where to go. In chapter 3, I'll teach you the practice of seeing the invisible ideas all around you.

"Okay, but I don't have enough original ideas."

Hey, me too. I'm not the first to make an e-book on creativity. In fact, creators don't "have" original ideas. When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, it worked because human connection is a very old idea. This course teaches you that inspiration is more than a pretty sunset. It's as ordinary as pie.

"I concede. You've called my bluff. I have ideas, but I don't have time to create!"

That's because you haven't created it yet. You're a creator, remember? Creators create things. In chapter 4, you'll learn how to create all the time you need to do your best work.

"Got it. I have time. I have ideas. Now what?"

Now, it's time to for you to make an impact. In chapter 5, you will learn how to make a generous contribution to the world, even if you have the tiniest of ideas.


How it works

This e-book has 5 chapters, each with a video. You can skip the videos if you want, but you probably shouldn't skip the words.

  • Chapter 1: Why - We start with a few assertions: What do you stand for? What's your 2 cents on the world around you? What's your obsession? This is a practicing in paying yourself forward with a little self-awareness, a few statements about who you are, what you do, and why.
  • Chapter 2: Element - Next, you will learn how to match your answers in chapter 1 with the right online platforms to help spread your work, and reach people who are willing to hear you out.
  • Chapter 3: See - Then, I'll take you through the art of Inspiration on Demand: the practice of seeing ideas everywhere.
  • Chapter 4: Sit - After that, you will learn how to find the time to put your creativity to good use by ruthlessly eliminating distractions, the mortal enemies of our wildest dreams.
  • Chapter 5: Persist - In the final chapter, you will learn how to handle criticism, push through off-days, and use your craft to make an impact everyday.

Table of contents:

About Paul

Note: Unlike Ron Burgundy, I am not a big deal. I'm only about to write this to show you that I know something about this concept called "social proof." 

I've been helping creators everyday on my blog since January 3rd 2020. I also chat with world-class digital creators on my podcast every week. In 2020, I created trailers for Robbie Crabtree's Performative Speaking Course, Ali Abdaal's Part-Time YouTuber Academy, and the online writing community Writer's Bloq. You can check out my work by clicking here.

Paul is a master at inspiring creatives, calling out the shit, and teaching you the lessons he’s learned without an ounce of ego.

- Ben Greenman, writer.

- Robbie Crabtree, Creator of OnDeck Performative Speaking

PAQ (Paul Answers Questions):

Should I have a project I'm thinking about starting, or a project that I'm already working on, before I buy?

Yeah, I'd recommend that, but it's not totally necessary. Other online courses like Write of Passage and Building A Second Brain revolve around an engine or a system of sorts to help students get their hands on something tangible. What this book does is it treats you as the engine, it treats your perspective, your assertions, your dreams/goals/aspirations as the system itself, so that you'll always have a meaningful project to work on.

I didn't like this. May I have my money back?

Definitely. I'm pretty sure Gumroad offers a money back offer. If not, dm me on Twitter and I'll work it out with you. (Or @ me in public if you hated it that much) Feel free to let me know what you didn't like about the book and I'll see if I can work it into the next iteration.

  • Learn how to see ideas everywhere and make an impact everyday!

  • Learn how to see ideas everywhere and make an impact everyday!
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